Authentic beach huts at Bintans Trikora Beach

Activities at Shady Shack

Shady Shack offers you some activities that you can do during the time you stay. They mostly have to be organized individually and the availability depends on season and weather. So at best let Lobo know in advance if you plan an activity.

Floating House - "Kelong Drum"


Go fishing from a boat or go to one of the floating houses (Kelong Drum) at the shore line for night fishing. During night fishing the fishes are simply attract by the light source from the swimming houses.

Trikora Beach 4

Trikora Beach 4

No 4 is the most popular beach at Trikora Beach, as well of the locals. It's about half an hour away and can reached by motorbike or minibus.

Relax in one of the shelters, have coconuts and some local foods that is offered by various small shops along the beach line or go swimming.

Go to nearby island

Trip to nearby islands

Sightseeing at turtle island in the night? Swimming at the closed by island? A trip to the nearby island with a longboat can be arranged.

Trekking in Bintan


Bintan offers several places to go for trekking. Trek to a refreshing waterfall or hike through the jungle towards Bintan’s mountain. Check out the Map of Bintan to find possible spots and ask Lobo for details.

Interesting Places

Tanjung Pinang City

Tanjung Pinang City